3 Flaws In Your PPE
(That We Can Fix)

By Ricochet Gear April 08, 2020

As a firefighter, you know that every time you put on your PPE turnout gear, it’s an important one. 

You know that just a few extra minutes spent getting ready, or a few extra seconds you are behind because your gear doesn’t perform where it should, can have world-altering implications.

Like the world’s elite athletes, but with less glory (and money) - you have to be performing at your best 110% of the time, every time. And just like those world’s best athletes, your current gear can certainly be putting a damper on your performance if it’s not helping you perform at your peak.

With that, today, your friends at Ricochet are going to help you identify three particular areas where your current firefighting turnout gear may be lacking. What can you do to improve it, and what do we offer to assist? Read on!


When you first started as a firefighter, you (or your department) might not have exactly splurged on your first pair of pants or your first jacket, and you probably felt the impact of that in places of high-motion and flexibility, like your knees and elbows.

How many times did you have to crouch down, but the knees of your pants felt like they didn’t have enough material or wouldn’t “give?” What about the stuff you carry around or lift, and the joints of your elbows had obtrusive levels of restraint?

Both of these areas of the body are places that Ricochet’s Maximum Mobility line looked to improve upon. We know that time matters in the situations you are entering, and if that means you are wasting it by adjusting your pants or jacket for coverage, it’s a lose-lose situation.

With our Maximum Mobility series of firefighter coats, our design allows you to raise your arms and flex your elbows with zero sleeve retraction and minimal coat rise. The Maximum Mobility pants also include a true 3-dimensional knee designed for freedom of movement with zero restriction in one of the most critical areas.

Pants that fit like jeans and jackets that fit like, well, a real jacket. Zero restriction in critical areas and flexibility where it counts, that’s the Ricochet way.


We know that pretty much every person universally knows the feeling of outgrowing a piece of clothing. Whether it was when you hit a growth spurt and your favorite jeans ended at your knees and not your ankles, or you got the instinct to do some Chris Farley / Tommy Boy stuff - nothing is worse than having clothing that isn’t a fit for your body type. 

For that very reason, so many of the options that Ricochet offers in our firefighting, EMS, and tech rescue lines can be custom-fit to the unique measurements of YOUR body. 

With lines like our Vantage II Series, you are sure to get the size you need, guaranteed. By taking a few simple measurements and using our custom sizing tool, your brand new firefighting PPE will fit just the way it should. Combining complete comfort with maximum protection is the goal of all Ricochet products. 

Oh, and did we mention? The custom alterations and assembly are all completed at our factory in Philadelphia. Custom-fit firefighting and first responder gear that is MADE IN THE USA? How can it get better?


Well, I guess it can be better, and that is by making you highly visible. As a firefighter, your ability to shine through the smoke and dark of the night at times is nothing short of essential. With Ricochet’s wide variety of material colors for most of our PPE, as well as our reflective trim options, rescuees and your co-rescuers will be glad they could make you out in those turbulent times where sight can mean everything.

Our Technical Rescue 602 Series features 3M Scotchlite reflective material as a trim that encircles the chest, waist, and arm cuffs on the jacket, with pant legs trimmed above the ankles. We attach all trim with heavy-duty stitching, so you aren’t risking a little snag from ripping it off and reducing your visibility when you need it most.

Not to mention, for those firefighters who double up duty as a first responder or EMS provider, our RescueVIZ series in Hi-Viz Yellow is must-have. This bold series will make sure that you are seen on the darkest outdoor night, or in the most dimly lit of rooms that require your expertise and help.

Fix the flaws in your current firefighter PPE by choosing Ricochet! If we did not mention an issue that’s bothering you about your gear above, please let us know and take a look at our full product catalog to see if we have some other options that may address it!

As always, if you have any questions about measurements or choosing the right turnout gear for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Ricochet team by CLICKING HERE today!