GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 Nomex Blend


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Improved comfort, protection, and reliability at an affordable price. As we continue to learn more about the harmful contaminants on the fireground, the need for protection against those particulate hazards has become even more crucial. Wearing a particulate hood as part of your turnout gear delivers the additional protection you need while on scene. Scroll down to learn about improved comfort, protection, reliability, and prevention.

Product Information

GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 Nomex Blend

Hood Features

The level of comfort you get from the GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 has been improved for a more natural feel without compromising protection. 
  • Breathability reduces heat stress, enabling you to wear the hood longer at the fireground
  • Thinner, softer, more breathable construction
  • Contrasting colors to help cross-contamination
  • Unique inspection opening
  • >99.9 particulate blocking
  • Improved Comfort
    While exceeding the thermal protection requirements of the NFPA 1971, 2018 Edition, the GORE® Particulate Hood GEN2 also exceeds the Standard’s particulate-blocking requirements with a protective barrier that blocks more than 99.99 percent of potentially harmful particulates.
  • Protection
    This hood delivers reliable protection throughout the entire hood — even blocking smoke at critical seams more effectively than other particulate hoods currently available. At the same time, its construction is optimized to reduce interference with sounds and signals on the fireground.
  • Reliability
    This exceptionally reliable GEN2 hood retains its level of more than 99.99 percent particulate-blocking performance* even after laundering. Its unique inspection opening enables you to inspect the entire hood visually, inside and out. 
  • Prevention 
    The GEN2 hood has contrasting colors — white on the outside and blue on the inside, helping you to prevent cross-contamination.

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