on March 08, 2024

The feedback we receive from Ricochet Gear users is critical to our product development process. You talk, we listen, and the proof is in the cutting edge advancements we continuously add to our product lineup. This year we’re proud to introduce several new fabric options, products, and features:

Outer Shells

Horizon™ black & gold shell from Milliken®. Available Now in the new MAVERICK Package

Thermal Liners

Equinox™ thermal liner from Milliken®. Available Now in the MAVERICK Package.

Moisture Barriers

Moisture barrier options for custom packages now include STEDAIR® 3000 & STEDAIR® 4000 from StedFast®.

PFAS-Free Moisture Barriers

We are actively working with suppliers to provide PFAS Free options as soon as they have been certified with composites.

Horizon Fabric

Boot Cut Design

The opening on all structural pants will be reshaped to eliminate the potential wear points at the corners.


Horizon Fabric

Wrist Guard Options

Now available: 4” Wrist Guard, 4” Wrist Guard with a thumb loop, and 7” Wrist Guard with a thumb hole. 


Horizon Fabric

NEW Maverick Package

The new 2024 MAVERICK Package is now available with optimized pricing and unique fabric features and options.


This past month, and career Firefighter in New Jersey, Jason Jacoby, Territory Manager for Ricochet delivered the first baby of his career!

Jason photographed with Baby Jacob (that he delivered) and his own children Rylee and Cole.
Dispatched to a woman in labor with her third child, Jason arrived on scene and within 5 minutes the baby was delivered by he and his colleagues. He had to cut the cord, do tummy time, and more to ensure a healthy and successful delivery. This was the first baby delivery of Jason’s career.
In Jason’s words, “it was the most terrifying thing I have done in my career.”

Our team at Ricochet consists of career and volunteer fire EMS people who care about PPE and wear it in real life. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality of personal protective garments to help keep you safe.