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Ricochet provides you with numerous choices of layered fabric systems, designed for durability, protection, and breathability. Expore all available fabrics below!

Structural and Turnout Materials

Structural and Turnout Materials




USAR/Technical Rescue Materials

EMS and Light Rescue Materials

EMS/Light Rescue Materials




Outer Shell Material (All Shell Fabrics Available)
Self-reinforcements are soft and pliable, resulting in comfort and ease of movement, but in most cases they are not the most economical, water resistant or durable reinforcements. If selecting a self-reinforcement material, consider the weight and durability of the fabric.  Structural shell materials and NOMEX® fabrics are usually good choices.

ARA-SHIELD® (Black, Gold)
Polymer-coated DuPont™ KEVLAR® with matte finish for improved appearance and traction. This material is easy to clean, offers exceptional strength, is lightweight and double coated to prevent moisture absorption. It is a moderately priced alternative and easy to clean, but it is not as pliable as other reinforcements and like any coated fabric, can crack along stress lines.

KEVLAR® Twill Weave
Ricochet highly recommends the use of Kevlar twill for all pocket reinforcements on structural fire garments. We can line the entire inside pocket (all four sides) or just the pocket itself (3 sides). Kevlar twill is light weight, extremely durable and the most specified reinforcement material used by the fire service.